Swimming Pool Covers

If you want a warmer pool for longer, save water and have an extended swimming pool season, a pool cover is the solution – and it keeps the pool cleaner to save on filtration time. There are a variety of covers, hibernation, thermal, automatic, telescopic…your choice depends on your requirements. Give Pool Solutions a call and we´ll listen to what you´re looking for and advise!

There are a few different options when it comes to pool covers.Firstly and most commonly is the :

Isothermic Bubble Cover

that floats on the water allowing the suns warmth through but not the harmful UV rays and at night stops evaporation and heat loss. Another option is a 5mm foam cover that again floats on the surface but does not allow any sunlight or heat through but does have excellent heat retention properties as well as evaporation reduction. Both of the above covers are operated with a roller that sits at one end of your pool that the cover rolls onto when you want to use the pool.

Automatic Covers

Also available in various forms are the automatic covers that are made up from air filled plastic slats. Again not allowing sunlight or heat through but retaining heat and totally reducing water loss at night to evaporation.

Winter Cover

For the winter months a cover can be placed over the entire pool held down with bungees and stainless steel pegs. These covers stop all sunlight, leaves ad dirt entering the pool and therefore the pool can almost be shut down for the winter months with the filtration reduced to 1 hour a day and minimal chemical useage. It is important however to still do regular water checks and backwashes during the time a winter cover is on. These covers have a small vent down the centre to allow water through but no debris.

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